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Flex Modality Overview

Wilmington University's new flexible course modality allows students to attend classes face-to-face or synchronously online. Faculty will share their in-class teaching and discussions via live…

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OLET Live 1/16/18

In the season 2 premier, Christian and Stephen kick off the start of the Spring term with Dr. Josh Simpson from the Center for Teaching Excellence. Join them as they discuss some tips for the…

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OLET Live 11/07/17

This month's second OLET Live as a double feature! Join Christian and Stephen as guest hosts Mary Beth Youse, Instructional Technology Manager, and Sandy Bennett (joining virtually through…

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OLET Live 11/06/17

The first in this month's OLET Live double feature! Join Christian and Stephen as guest host Dr. Mary Kay Keller, Chair of the Applied Family Science, describes how she has moved her program…

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Pathways to Instructional Excellence Introduction

Wilmington University's Educational Technology Department and The Center for Teaching Excellence have teamed up to present Pathways to Instructional Excellence.These resources have been…

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myWilmU - Editing Attendance

This video will demonstrate to faculty how to edit attendance for courses starting from the myWilmU portal. For more information visit

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OLET Live 09/27/17

In this hilarious edition of OLET Live, Dr. Robin Weinstein, Chair of the HRM Program, discusses Alternative Educational Resources. Shout outs to Faculty Development Day and Webinar Wednesdays are…

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Modifying Course Names

Adding a bit of additional info can help your courses stand out better on the course list in Blackboard! This video will show you how to easily add location, modality, and term information to your…

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MyWilmU - Entering Course Attendance: Face-to-Face Courses

This video will demonstrate to faculty how to enter attendance for face-to-face courses starting from the myWilmU portal. For more information visit

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MyWilmU Learning Center Navigation

This video tutorial will teach faculty how to navigate the Wilmington University Learning Center.

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Using the Shared Repository

As a faculty member, you have access to a shared repository of videos in Blackboard. Learn how to search and share videos from the Shared Repository, as well as how to share your own videos with…

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Faculty Senate Tech Tips December 2016

This "Tech Tips" video for December 2016 highlights adjuncts, faculty members and staff who use Collaborate Ultra at Wilmington University in a variety of ways.

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Faculty Development Day Workshop with Dr. Elizabeth Barkley

Concern over student engagement has become central to conversations regarding quality in higher education, but what does 'student engagement' really mean? And once we know, how do we…

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