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How to self-enroll in the BSN Bb Organization as a Student

I do clarify this in the video above, but if the user simply clicks the link of the Bb org, it won’t let them self-enroll. Instead, they must hover the mouse over, then click the circle with a…

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How to upload a file to Blackboard and then make edits to that same file after it has been uploaded

This shows how to upload a document saved to your local computer. Once a file is uploaded, to edit it, you must download a copy of the file, make the changes in the local file, save the file to your…

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Hide or Display Course Menu Items or Content Items to students and viewing the course in student preview mode

One of the most common issues faculty encounter in Blackboard is they create a folder or content item, but students cannot see it in the course. This is a confusing feature, since it’s possible…

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How WilmU Faculty Access a Class Roster in the myWilmU Portal

Click the Group icon to view the course roster of all students enrolled in one of your classes. Learn more about this process:

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Flex Modality Overview

Wilmington University's new flexible course modality allows students to attend classes face-to-face or synchronously online. Faculty will share their in-class teaching and discussions via live…

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OLET Live 4/24/18

On this intriguing episode, guest host Adam Voyton joins Christian and Stephen to discuss the upcoming Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Symposium on May 7th, 2018. The trio also discuss…

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Collaborate Ultra Phone Access Updates

This tutorial explains the February 2018 updates in Collaborate Ultra. This update allows for an attendee to dial into a session without accessing the browser.

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How to upload a picture to a voice recording

This is a step by step tutorial demonstrating how to place a picture in a Kaltura voice recording

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Providing Student Feedback the Classic Way – How to Download a Blackboard Essay into Microsoft Word and use the Review Tab

You can easily download a copy of their essay into a Microsoft Word document. It provides two super simple ways to provide student with feedback: Using the comment tool, add comments to specific…

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