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What is HOT?

An overview of Hybrid Online Training at Wilmington University.

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Uploading Kaltura Videos From Your Mobile Device

This video will show both students and faculty how to upload Kaltura videos from their mobile device browsers.

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Modifying Course Names

Adding a bit of additional info can help your courses stand out better on the course list in Blackboard! This video will show you how to easily add location, modality, and term information to your…

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MyWilmU-Finding your CRN (Course Reference Number)

This short video will explain the CRN in the MyWilmU Portal and where to find it. For more information visit

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Exploring the MyWilmU Portal

This video will introduce Faculty to the MyWilmU portal and demonstrate how to access the portal, navigate to Blackboard courses, access course administration, and more. For more information visit…

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Discussion Board Assignments for Students

This tutorial shows students how to navigate and post to the discussion board.

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MyWilmU Learning Center Navigation

This video tutorial will teach faculty how to navigate the Wilmington University Learning Center.

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Rubric Tool in Blackboard

This workshop explains the use of the Interactive Assessment Rubric tool in Blackboard. This tool is perhaps one of the most versatile tools used to show assignment criteria and grade students'…

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Editing your CaptureSpace Videos before Uploading

Learn how to edit your CaptureSpace recordings before uploading them into your Kaltura Media Storage. You will learn how to trim and chop mistakes out of your video and how to add titles and credits…

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How to Download Kaltura Videos

Learn how to make your videos available for download and how to download videos from Kaltura!

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How to Download the Kaltura CaptureSpace Recorder

This tutorial shows users how to download the Kaltura CaptureSpace Recorder for their first time using the tool. Users need to only download the recorder once on their computer and then any media…

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Record Your Screen and More! With CaptureSpace

This tutorial will teach you how to use Kaltura's CaptureSpace tool to record your screen, webcam, voice, and presentations.

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Blackboard Essential Training

This video will explain how to complete Blackboard Essential Training. After hire, faculty will receive Blackboard credentials and will be enrolled in a BBTRAINING course as a student, and a…

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Tech Tips - November

The Educational Technology Department delivers "Tech Tips" for each session of Faculty Senate.

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Tech Tips - October

The Educational Technology Department delivers "Tech Tips" for each session of Faculty Senate. This set of tech tips deals with some of the ways you can use SharePoint for social…

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Password Management

Creating and Managing passwords to be as secure as possilble

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